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Make change a
part of your
strategic landscape.

B2B Smart. Intelligent marketing.
Rapid sales growth.

When the only constant in business is change, how do you turn change into commercial advantage? We believe it’s simple. Make change a part of your strategic landscape.

By investing in the right business to business intelligence, expertise and technology, you’ll have the power to turn valuable insight into informed marketing and sales action.

Acting straight away – not in a week or month, or after your competitors, means you’ll be in a position to maximise on your opportunities and lead your market.

Are you B2B Smart? Watch the video and find out.

Excellence, innovation and collaboration drive B2B Smart.

Graymatter is a multi-award-winning, integrated, B2B marketing agency and CPM UK is famous for sales and has also won a number of awards.

We’ve joined together to bring you a turnkey, insourced marketing and outsourced sales solution that includes:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Systems
  • Reporting

That means you can focus on product and service development, while we deliver B2B insight, marketing and sales that exceed your ROI expectations.

Ready to become B2B Smart?

Discover why, even when budgets are tight, sales and marketing working together in synergy can allow you to generate a better return in 2019.

Be B2B Smart, get a free audit

Our audit of your sales processes, CRM and MA platform will provide the insight you need to improve success in an ever-changing business world.

Supporting Royal Mail’s vision

In a highly competitive market, our sales objective is to grow revenue across all Royal Mail products and support the organisation’s vision.

It pays to be B2B Smart.

Sector & Industry Expertise

We’ve won awards for our expertise in Manufacturing, IT & Technology and Transport & Logistics. Find out how we can help you.

Smarter Marketing

We draw on specialist intelligence, expertise and technology to help you deliver informed marketing that creates value and qualified leads.

Accelerated Sales

Quickly exploit new opportunities through smarter marketing qualified leads and an outsourced B2B sales partner you can trust.

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