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Our webinar demonstrates why, even when budgets are tight, sales and marketing working together in synergy can allow you to generate a better return in 2019.   

Insight at your fingertips  

We’ll cover critical topics such as why a unified approach can reap rewards in a world where the buying cycle is more infrequent, why the flexibility to react to market changes quickly is crucial, and why a shared sales funnel is a far more sustainable strategy than setting stretch sales targets or reducing marketing budgets.  

Find your sweetspot 

You’ll also gain practical insight from our B2B Smart maturity tool, so you can establish where you are in relation to technology and resource in readiness to maximise the potential. Plus, we’ll demonstrate a step by step approach to help leverage opportunity, deliver a lot more for less, and help you get to where you want to be in 2019. 

Our multi-award winning B2B Smart experts

Dean Gray and Colin Gray from B2B agency Graymatter, with a proven track record in delivering measurable marketing innovation.

Renzo Spinelli from CPM, providing integrated sales solutions with over 34,000 sales specialists delivering sales of more than 4 billion Euros.