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Accelerate your
sales through

Outsourced B2B sales excellence you can trust.

Our smarter marketing qualified leads enable you to exploit new opportunities quickly, with a trusted outsourced B2B sales partner who can scale without compromise.

We offer best-in-class sales techniques and sales teams, fully trained and ready to go.

With your dashboard providing a single view of your customers, we’ll deliver continuous sales engagement and qualified leads for accelerated sales.

B2B Smart customers also have access to our dedicated insight team of researchers and analysts as well as the CPM Sales Academy.

Complimenting your sales team without compromise.

CPM UK is famous for sales. As B2B Smart, we are proud to deliver outsourced sales resource that compliments your headcount without compromising quality.

This enables you to bring an agile and dynamic approach to testing and piloting, and prove a successful business case for B2B sales innovation, without the risk.

As a result, you can adopt and scale to support successful initiatives without the legacy of resourcing ideas that don’t hit the mark.

Nurturing and embedding sales innovators.

CPM has over 80 years’ experience. We help you to sell more for less, so you can focus on generating revenue, engaging customers and evolving.

We nurture talent and encourage our people to be sales innovators. That includes the teams we embed in your organisation.

How to sell more for less.

On average, our smarter marketing-led sales process delivers a 15% increase in efficiency of resource deployment, which can be taken as a budget saving or redeployed to drive increased sales returns.
In this article, we look at how you can make more of every £1 you invest, through smart and profitable sales.

Supporting Royal Mail’s vision

In a highly competitive market, our sales objective is to grow revenue across all Royal Mail products and support the organisation’s vision.

Our sales approach is award-winning.


Discover our B2B insights, sector and technology expertise:

Unrivalled B2B Insight & CRM

Get under the skin of the most relevant businesses and personas in your sector and identify those with the propensity to buy.

Take advantage of our Sector Expertise

We’ve won awards for our expertise in Manufacturing, Technology and Transport & Logistics. Find out how we can help you.

Leading-edge Technology

Delivering prospect and customer intelligence through CRM, marketing automation and dashboard reporting.

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