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How to sell more for less

Making more of every £1 you invest, through smart and profitable sales outsourcing services

B2B Smart believes in smarter marketing and accelerated sales. So, CPM – the sales outsourcing services arm of B2B Smart – focuses not just on driving sales for clients, but on driving more sales.

Utilising our insight, agency experience and resources will undoubtedly produce an incremental gain. However, we also aim to produce that gain for less budget – so driving a higher return on your investment.

That’s why we ask ourselves on a daily basis: “How can we help our clients sell more for less?”

The key is to understand our clients’ customer and prospect bases, and use our insight to determine where, when and how to service them. Analysing where the greatest opportunity lies involves a range of data sources, depending on which channel or sector our clients are working in. By assessing the market from all angles, we are able to build an accurate, comprehensive, holistic view.

Segmenting the sales data

Maximum sales impact derives from directing budget and resource to take the right actions with the right customers at the right time. Our layered solution is proven to do precisely that.

On average, the process delivers a 15% increase in efficiency of resource deployment, which can be taken as a budget saving or redeployed to drive increased sales returns.

The model works on both macro and micro levels:

This involves segmentation of the channel or market, based on scale and relevance. Scale measures current performance and relevance measures potential. By enabling easy comparisons between hundreds of thousands of customers – based on set criteria – segmentation identifies high-opportunity customers deserving maximum focus, and low-opportunity customers deserving low or no focus. Resource can then be targeted on high-opportunity customers, for maximum sales performance.

This involves specific targeting of the right actions to maximise impact, driven by ‘Next Best Action’ algorithms built on and updated through machine learning.

Detailed knowledge of each customer enables an understanding of the opportunity available, and the application of the best actions to the individual. Based on the propensity of success and potential sales impact, this crosses all channels – from face-to-face and telephone to live chat, email and more.

As with the macro level, this is a consistent system and methodology across channels and countries, but allows tailoring to the requirements of the local channel and market. Another key metric to consider is where prospects sit within the buying cycle, and their propensity to purchase.  How great a part this plays in our sales data segmentation depends on the type of sales activity and the channel and market we are working in.

Delivering a bespoke sales contact strategy

The outputs of CPM’s analysis are designed to lead to a bespoke sales contact strategy for each customer. This will be tailored in terms of contact type and frequency, to deliver the greatest return in relation to the ‘cost to serve’.

The ability to seamlessly and efficiently mix face-to-face, phone, live chat, and email contact via one agency is one of CPM’s key strengths.  Managed centrally by one account team, the cost of the overall operation is considerably less than running two standalone activities via two different agencies.

Another intrinsic strength of CPM’s contact strategy is that it changes according to outputs and results. After initial segmentation, tracking how customers change and move via the different segments helps determine how they are serviced in the future. However, these changes need to be given enough time to be established, and for the change outputs to be accurately measured, before any further changes are made to customer servicing.

Understanding why sales have increased or decreased is essential to helping secure future sales with that customer. This is where the human element comes into play.

To ensure we really do deliver a strong return for our clients, and genuinely help them ‘sell more for less’, all CPM data and insights are supported by passionate people who can sell.  CPM’s teams are encouraged to consider themselves as ‘MD of your territory’.  This involves them using and analysing the data and insights, to take the right action at the right time with their own customers.

They build strong, unrivalled relationships with the decision makers and influencers – and combine rigorous critical thinking with an intimate knowledge of their ‘patch’ and a long-term strategic approach. The result is a strategy that provides short-, mid- and long-term results.

Creating a seamless customer journey

Deploying human resource is only part of the contact strategy. Ensuring it is carefully timed and aligned with digital communication is fundamental to creating a seamless customer journey.

Being able to send targeted content to a customer or prospect following a phone call or visit ensures the customer remains engaged, and builds confidence and trust in the brand.

Uniting the digital and human interactions in one CRM system creates a single view of the customer, and ensures the customer journey is viewed holistically. This enables the propensity to purchase to be measured accurately, based on all interactions with the brand – whether they are face-to-face, by phone, or digital.

Deployment of human resources needs to be as flexible and automated as digital communications.  When resources are deployed automatically, based on customer behaviour and triggers, budget is spent only on relevant and timely human interactions.

Predicting sales resource requirements

CPM has been providing EPOS-driven predictive analytics for retail clients for several years.

Used to identify availability and compliance issues in-store, they provide visibility of store performance in the absence of field teams, so the teams have greater insight when they call.

For example, they can see which SKUs have had issues and been corrected by store staff.

This also allows a more dynamic deployment of appropriate sales resource (such as field, phone or digital) if a store develops an out of stock.

Helping clients sell more for less is CPM’s focus and passion. It’s why we’re here.  Our insights and technology are continually evolving to ensure we lead the field and can deliver all-important incremental gains for our clients through our smarter outsourcing services.

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