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Question 1 of 4: Are your sales and marketing objectives aligned?

Our sales and marketing objectives are somewhat aligned.
No, sales and marketing plans are separate with no shared objectives.
Yes, sales and marketing attribution is completely aligned.

Question 2 of 4: Is your implementation budget in place?

No, we do not currently have budget assigned towards marketing and sales team alignment.
Yes, budget is in place for marketing and sales alignment, and ROI is being realised.

Question 3 of 4: Have you got the right sales and marketing platforms in place to accelerate growth?

Somewhat, we have a CRM and MA solution but they are not yet fully integrated.
No, we don't yet have a CRM or MA solution in place.
Yes, our CRM and MA platforms underpin our sales and marketing strategy.

Question 4 of 4: Are your sales and marketing teams built for innovation and scale?

No, sales and marketing teams currently operate in silos.
Yes, we have innovative sales and marketing teams which can scale as required.

Is technology the future of transport and logistics?

Industry experts predict business transformation, including in transport and logistics, is happening 10 times faster and at 300 x the scale of the industrial revolution.

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Is it D-Day for Data or your IT or technology business?

For businesses within the IT and software space who do not address the challenges and opportunities data offers, plenty will be stood in line to take their place.

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Will data growth disrupt your future in manufacturing?

In the words of Global Futurologist David A. Smith, “What data we hold and how we use it will be the life or death of our companies.”

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