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Sales and Marketing

isn’t what it used to be…

Let our free audit steer you in the right direction

Is your business nurturing prospects and customers efficiently based on their buying lifecycles? Are you giving the right level of attention to the right customer? Is CRM investment realising a return through continued alignment to your ever-evolving business processes?

No matter how sophisticated your existing tools, our free audit of your sales processes, CRM and MA platform will provide the insight you need to improve success in an ever-changing business world.

Be B2B Smart, get a free audit

Here’s what a B2B Smart audit can do

  • Ensure sales and marketing alignment from your CRM, marketing automation, website and content management systems
  • Optimise sales opportunities
  • Reduce your overheads
  • Recommend optimised sales resource deployment
  • Review your current CRM implementation against design standards and best practice
  • Identify CRM pain points and reporting gaps
  • Review your lead management and acquisition processes, demand generation, channels, lead sources and campaign tracking
  • Help you reap the rewards of optimised database structures
  • Make metrics and reporting recommendations