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comes greater ROI.

Unrivalled business to business insight and CRM.

Together as B2B Smart, Graymatter and CPM deliver unrivalled marketing and sales insight and CRM in the B2B space.

Market intelligence and segmentation.

Through market intelligence, firmography, segmentation and profiling, we can identify the prospects who are most likely to buy your products and services, and customers with the propensity to buy more.

Targeted data and personas.

After we work with you to get under the skin of the most relevant businesses within each segment and understand their buying behaviour, we secure data that will enable you to generate quality leads.

By developing personas, we’ll pinpoint the right decision makers, timelines and messaging to make an impact.

The future of transport & logistics: Key stats.

Are you prepared for the pace of change in the transport and logistics sector? Discover how future technology might change the game for your business.

See a snapshot of the key statistics below.

The age of digital transformation: Key stats.

The time is now for IT and technology businesses to support customers on their journey of digital transformation. Are you ready?

See a snapshot of the key statistics below.

The 4th Industrial Revolution: Key stats.

Are you prepared for the pace of change in the manufacturing sector? Discover how digital transformation might affect your future business.

See a snapshot of the key statistics below.

More about our industry and technology expertise:

Take advantage of our Sector Expertise

We’ve won awards for our expertise in Manufacturing, Technology and Transport & Logistics. Find out how we can help you.

Leading-edge Technology

Delivering prospect and customer intelligence through CRM, marketing automation and dashboard reporting.

More B2B insight gives you:

Smarter Marketing

We draw on specialist intelligence, expertise and technology to help you deliver informed marketing that creates value and qualified leads.

Accelerated Sales

Quickly exploit new opportunities through smarter marketing qualified leads and an outsourced B2B sales partner you can trust.

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We’ll help you deliver smarter B2B marketing, accelerated sales and greater ROI.

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