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Industrial Revolution.

B2B Smart. Intelligent manufacturing marketing and sales.

In one way, everything in the manufacturing sector is changing. In another way, not enough is changing. That’s the conflict that the sector has to address if it is to survive and grow.

  • The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, or Industry 4.0., which is built on the foundations of the Internet of Things and automation.
  • With Brexit, UK manufacturing may face more competition from lower-cost manufacturing countries, as well higher customs duties and tariffs.
  • Retaining customers increasingly requires manufacturers to extend their relationship across the entire customer journey – offering design, maintenance, repair and installation in addition to straightforward manufacture.

Intuitive B2B marketing and sales lead generation.

If you’re looking for manufacturing marketing and sales support, driven by insight and expertise that is unmatched in this sector, then you’re in the right place.

Through a programme of intuitive, intelligence-led marketing and sales lead generation, B2B Smart is here to help you negotiate, and, where possible, lead, the Industry 4.0 revolution. Helping you to drive change where it is still needed, as well as sustainable business growth.

Will data growth disrupt your future in manufacturing?

In the words of Global Futurologist David A. Smith, “What data we hold and how we use it will be the life or death of our companies.”

Discover the full futures report below.

By 2025, robots could perform 25% of manufacturing tasks.

Industry 4.0 is coming – the real and virtual worlds are merging in the production environment to create the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Discover the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

By 2030 up to 14% of the global workforce will work alongside AI technology.

Don’t let legacy business models or technology prevent your business from keeping pace with advantages offered by new models and revenue streams.

Find out more in our whitepaper.

The 4th Industrial Revolution: A snapshot.

Are you prepared for the pace of change in the manufacturing sector? Discover how digital transformation might affect your future business.

See a snapshot of the key statistics below.

Smarter marketing and accelerated sales driven by unmatched manufacturing expertise:

Are you B2B Smart?

We drive B2B leads through smarter marketing and joined-up sales, so you can prospect, convert and retain clients for rapid and sustainable growth.

It’s all about the Sweet Spot

When two award-winning agencies come together to deliver you unrivalled sector intelligence, your marketing and sales benefit from ‘The Sweet Spot’.

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