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No other market sector changes as rapidly or as dramatically as IT and technology. From media, internet and software companies, to manufacturers of semiconductors and hardware, and networking and telecoms companies, any business which wants to operate and succeed in this marketplace needs to move even more rapidly still.

  • To the less well-informed, the sector may seem to be thriving in all areas.
  • To the knowledgeable, it’s clear that the hardware market is being propped up by the strength of the mobile handset segment.
  • Sales of desktops, laptops and tablets have declined year-on-year and that trend is predicted to continue.
  • Software is showing rapid growth.
  • Telecoms are showing strong growth.

Intelligence-led B2B marketing and sales lead generation.

If you’re looking for B2B marketing and sales support that is powered by unrivalled IT and Technology sector insight and expertise, then you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you effectively reach customers and prospects embarking on a journey of digital transformation.

Through a programme of enlightened B2B lead generation, our smarter marketing will support you to accelerate your B2B sales by turning change into competitive advantage. Keeping you one step ahead of key sector trends and driving sustainable growth.

Is it D-Day for data or your IT or technology business?

For businesses within the IT and software space who do not address the challenges and opportunities data offers, plenty will be stood in line to take their place.

Discover the full data and GDPR trend report below.

Only 3% of organisations are preparing for digital transformation.

Our whitepaper explores the true importance of “transformation” as part of “digital transformation” and the steps businesses need to take to avoid being out-innovated.

Read the full story in this whitepaper.

65% of B2B customers’ experiences don’t match those of Amazon.com

Customers are no longer happy to settle for second-best simply because they are making a business rather than a personal purchase.

Learn about the role of technology in the B2B customer experience.

The age of digital transformation: A snapshot.

The time is now for IT and technology businesses to support customers on their journey of digital transformation. Are you ready?

See a snapshot of the key statistics below.

Smarter marketing and accelerated sales, powered by unrivalled IT and Technology sector expertise:

Are you B2B Smart?

The world is changing. Disruption to business is nothing new, yet the pace and extent of change is – whether cultural organisational or technological.

Can we help you develop your B2B savvy?

It’s all about the Sweet Spot

Marketing is smarter when it’s driven by up-to-the minute specialist transport & logistics insight and foresight.

Find out how we can help you fine tune your targeting and B2B lead generation.

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