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Fail to prepare…

Preparing your customers for digital transformation.

…Prepare to fail. Digital transformation is inevitable and unavoidable for business. But how many are prepared for it? Discover whether your organisation could support those who are less than ready, and guide businesses that are more ready than most, in our infographic below.


Selling to the B2B market is not getting any easier…

  • A 2017 Demand Gen survey revealed that the buyer journey in B2B is becoming longer and more complex.
  • 58% of respondents said the length of their purchase cycle had increased compared to a year earlier.
  • There are two clear business types amongst business customers: ‘transformers’ and ‘slow starters’:
    • transformers want top of the range technology and are continually improving – and continually in the market for technology
    • slow starters continue to use outdated IT and delegate IT to the IT department alone, rather than elevating it to the boardroom.

Is it D-Day for data or your IT or technology business?

For businesses within the IT and software space who do not address the challenges and opportunities data offers, plenty will be stood in line to take their place.

Discover the full data and GDPR trend report below.

At B2B Smart, we have unrivalled IT & technology sector expertise:

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Take advantage of our unrivalled IT & technology sector knowledge to power targeted B2B marketing and sales activity.

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