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Changing gear

The future of technology in transport and logistics.

The pace of change in the transport and logistics sector is accelerating. Discover how fast and in which direction, with our infographic below. There are more important and surprising figures to discover than 0-60.


Ignoring the potential consequences of Brexit to the transportation industry, there’s still:

  • game-changing e-commerce – bringing new challenges and opportunities.
  • the Amazon threat – a prospective Amazon-owned logistics solution will massively disrupt the market. Other retailers, manufacturers and industrial operators are also considering managing their own logistics.
  • new technology – from real-time data and analytics solutions to increased warehouse-to-doorstep automation. There’s a real need to adopt these solutions to remain competitive.

Is technology the future of transport and logistics?

Industry experts predict business transformation, including in transport and logistics, is happening 10 times faster and at 300 x the scale of the industrial revolution.

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